City on Top

City on top is a statement cloth, designed for the contemporary city lover. A Future Perfect reveals once again their architectural background; following the ongoing collection The Concrete Cities, where favorite cities are mapped in highly detailed concrete coasters and wall pieces, they transfer the urban fabric and structure onto the human body. Using laser-cut techniques and clean lines and shapes they create a minimal yet elaborated top that surrounds the body, the way the city actually does: being protective, yet letting the body breathe, allowing for flexibility, while remaining fragile.

The cities, much like the inspiration, are endless. While starting off with the dense and complex Athenian urban plan, new cities’ patterns, materials and various applications on a series of wearables and accessories will be expanding the collection



The pilot limited edition produced in July 2014 featured high quality and texture synthetic leather.The new evolved winter edition features natural leather as a made-to-order alternative.

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