The Concrete Cities

The Concrete Cities collection brings to you mappings of favorite cities around the world in concrete. This hand-craft series that spans from concrete coasters to wall and table art pieces, draws inspiration from the materiality and patterns of the urban environments and stands out for its focus on detail and application techniques. The collections’ first item, a set of concrete coasters featuring the relief of Athens city center map on their surface, was introduced as an alternative design souvenir for the contemporary traveler and city lover.

Using the city center map as a starting point,  AFP transformed it into a three-dimensional every-day use object, the coaster, inviting the user to recall memories of his visit and his walks in the city, while enjoying a cup of coffee. The souvenir became an object of aesthetic and design value, as well as sentimental, and concrete was selected as the material that expresses with minimalism, clarity and elevated aesthetics the urban life and memories.

The collection items are produced using a special cement mortar, product of several material and proportions experimentations, specially treated for a matte, water-resistant finish, also featuring an added cork tabletop protection on the bottom.



City (Fragments)


Product description: Handmade concrete cast coasters. Durable, water-proof, stain-resistant, heat-resistant with added cork tabletop protection. Cardboard packaging with cutout brand name.



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Into Stoas (INDEX)


The Concrete Cities: Into Stoas (INDEX), is a special edition item depicting a grid of the architectural form of the stoas (arcades) in the historical centre of Athens. It is a product of collaboration with graphic designer Natassa Pappa of Athens-based studio Street Design Words, as part of Entos Stoas project.

The set of two concrete coasters complements the Into Stoas – Athens Walkthrough city guide, in transforming the graphic representation of the hidden layer of passages, the city within the city the stoas form, in a three dimensional concrete object.

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Product description: Handmade concrete cast coasters. Durable, water-proof, heat-resistant with added cork tabletop protection. Complimentary map and laminated packaging included.

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Athens meets Milan



The Concrete Cities: “Athens meets Milan” limited edition of 100 pieces, is a set of 4 concrete coasters with Athens and Milan map relief on their surface and deep ochre-gold highlights of interest spots. It is designed and produced as part of the 1ofa100 online designer’s platform collection. So, where will you drink your coffee today?

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 4.18.38 PM



Product description: Handmade concrete cast coasters, Hand painted in acrylic paint. Durable, water-proof, heat-resistant with added cork tabletop protection. Cardboard package with cutout brand name.

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Athens - Stockholm - Milan (Collage)



The Concrete Cities Collage series, brings together fragments of favorite cities around the world creating each time a unique synthesis of different urban patterns. A visual and tactile experience that aims to evoke the memory of travelling in the past or the desire to explore in the future.

The Concrete Cities Collage can be either hang as a wall artwork or used as a table piece. If used to decorate a table surface, users are encouraged to place other objects on top -even hot plates and cups- but should mind stains that can be caused by strong food or drink colorants. If hang on the wall, users are encouraged to mind the exact measurements of the nails positions and leave the nails no more than 5 mm off the wall surface to ensure the stability of the artwork.



Product description: Handmade concrete cast tile. Durable, water-proof, heat-resistant with added cork tabletop protection and nail holders to allow for hanging. Dimensions: 26x26x1 cm.

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