Marine Energy Eye Masks (30 pcs)

Marine Energy Eye Masks (30 pcs)

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These hydrogel patches for undereye circles and fine lines contain the antioxidant benefits of marine algae.
They're consistently sold-out in Korea and there's a reason why: the anti-aging benefits in these patches are crazy!
They contain algae rich in antioxidants that guarantee an intensive dose of elasticity, brightness and hydration to your eye area, but also for other areas of your face that need some extra care, like the area around your mouth or your forehead. The main algae it contains is called chondrus crispus, a red algae from the Arctic Sea that grows in extreme cold with barely any contact from the sun. This extreme situation makes it perfect for energising skin cells, giving skin a tighter, bouncier and younger appearance. You'll also find spirulina and sodium hyaluronate in its formula, which condition and beautify skin.


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