Nesting bird | 50-70 print
Nesting bird | 50-70 print

Nesting bird | 50-70 print

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Llew Mejia

Horse on the High Plains
Offset printed on Munken Lynx 240g

50 x 70 cm

Comes in a cylinder

Starting his life and creative education in visual communication design in Mendoza in Argentina, Matías later moved from one wine country to another; he now resides and works in France, where his bike rides in nature provides inspiration for his art and illustrations.

Matías’ contribution to Aparte is a series of poetic birds. The three Aparte art prints depict birds adorned with symbols. The illustrations show Matías’ love for finding greatness in small things, plus a sense of freedom, and search for the positive things in life.

Matías prefers to use only a few elements in his illustrations. He likes imperfect shapes and naive lines. His method is mostly digital, but he gives his illustrations a more ‘traditional’ form by using brush and pencil effects.

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