Gua Sha (Jade/Rose Quartz)
Gua Sha (Jade/Rose Quartz)
Gua Sha (Jade/Rose Quartz)
Gua Sha (Jade/Rose Quartz)
Gua Sha (Jade/Rose Quartz)
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Gua Sha (Jade/Rose Quartz)

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The Gua Sha is a Chinese skincare tool that has been used for thousands of years.
It is suggested for he main purposes of:

- Manual lymphatic drainage
- Relieving facial and jaw tension
- Lifting and contouring the skin

The key to showing results is consistency in your practice, just like everything else in life! Once a day for 2-5 minutes can make big difference over time, however it can be used more frequently.

Choosing between jade and rose quartz
Jade carries a healing energy that can help with balance, relax the nervous system and bring a sense of harmony. Jade will have a little more resistance on skin as it is not as smooth as rose quartz.

Rose quartz has anti-ageing properties and as it is considered the love stone it carries energies of love, self-care and also healing and anti-inflammatory properties. So it is ideal for sensitive and reactive skin or conditions like rosacea.

All Gua Sha come from an established and certified production unit in China working with high end shops like Sephora and Ultra Beauty. They are made of genuine Xijuan Jade and Rose Quartz stones while the metal parts of the rollers are stainless.
They come in an easy to carry pouch.

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