Horse on the High Plains | 50-70 print

Horse on the High Plains | 50-70 print

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Llew Mejia

Horse on the High Plains
Offset printed on Munken Lynx 240g

50 x 70 cm

Comes in a cylinder

Llew made an exception when he created art prints for He primarily works with textile design, creating patterns and designing print in a combination of hand-drawn and computer-generated illustration.

Llew has an admirable list of clients including Apple, Google, Nike, ADIDAS, and Patagonia.

Travelling between Southwestern United States and Mexico in his childhood, he has a unique perspective on American as well as Mexican culture – which often reflects in the ambience in his works. Llew is currently living in New York.

For the cooperation with Llew has created proud creatures – horses, tigers and birds – to adorn your walls and inspire your everyday life.

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