Kine Andersen - Take me home
Kine Andersen - Take me home

Kine Andersen - Take me home

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On the occasion of the random number (autumn 2018), Kine Andersen entrusted us with some of his works from the Cold.

-Poster size 29.7 x 42 cm

-printing in Risographie at Atelier Kiblind

We wanted to place the misty concept of chance in the great bath of Efficiency. The Norwegian Kine Andersen knows how to do that. His drawings don't wiggle, they kick the PLANK. The one who studied at the University of Oslo, then in bergen, and who continues to live in Bergen her 28 years ago, takes a mischievous pleasure not to turn around the Pot. She looks at it, explodes it and Leaves. The message does not make a fold, doubt is not allowed.

After the first stroke of blood, a thousand and one signs appear and give this sudden revolt the depth of Maturity. The vivid colors, which immediately assailed us, gradually reveal the obsessions of Kine: feminism, vanity of appearances and Addictions. And this is where we are very happy and proud to introduce you to Kine Andersen, on the cover of our number "chance".

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